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What We Do

American Nortel Communications, Inc. is a publicly traded company located in Scottsdale, AZ. American Nortel (ARTM) is a multi-faceted company providing world-wide communications, technological innovations, and unique investment opportunities.


Our History

American Nortel Communications, Inc. has been providing quality long distance service around the world since 1992! Bill Williams has been the chief executive officer of American Nortel Communications since 1995. He has a BBA and an MBA from Baylor University and is currently serving on multiple advisory boards across the country.


Our Mission

Create innovative ways to continue to propel all communications forward by leveraging, adapting and creating modern technology and media solutions.

Many social connection projects in the works.  Connect with us to find out more. 

As we continue to attract new users across the globe, we will continue our efforts to give them the safest and most entertaining platform available. We are consistently working on adding features to the platform so it will be the social media platform for connecting people all across the globe.

By Mail

P.O. Box 5445
Scottsdale, AZ 23514, USA